“Running the Race” Pastor Missy Jenson 07-25-21 – Part II of the Olympics sermon series


The Olympics start tomorrow – July 23rd! Are you as excited as I am?

Last week Pastor Stephen shared with us how the Opening Ceremony is just a microcosm of the gathering of the nations that will take place in heaven as described in Revelation 7. Will you be watching the Opening Ceremony on Friday with your eyes open to see it as a preview of the Kingdom of God? What similarities do you see? In what ways does it reveal the work we have to do as Christ followers as we await “thy kingdom come?”

On Sunday, we’ll turn our attention to the performance stage of the Olympics and our call to be the ones who run the race. In our scripture passage, Paul gives us a running tip: “Forget what lies behind and strain forward to what lies ahead.”

It’s sound advice. Imagine how the Olympic athletes would perform if they carried with them all the failures of their past! All the times those gymnasts fell of the equipment or didn’t nail their landings… All the lost races of the swimmers or track and field athletes… All the missed goals of the basketball and soccer players… That’s a lot of weight to carry and it eats up too much energy. What about you? What elements of your past do you need to let go of in order to strain forward?

We’ll explore this and more in worship. As you watch the various sports this weekend, listen to the athletes’ stories to notice what they’ve worked to overcome in their past and what they are pursuing now. How might that relate to our lives as disciples of Jesus?