“The Art of Neighboring: Boundaries, Focusing, and Forgiving”

On May 6, Pastor Jim preaches on Romans 12:14-21.

One of the things that makes loving our neighbors so dicey is the fact that they are people. It’s one thing to love humanity in a general sense; quite another to love people. People are challenging to say the least. The great humorist Will Rogers supposedly said, “I never met a man I didn’t like.” Hmmm.

If you read Paul’s letters you’ll notice a common thread: conflict among people, conflict among Christians. I remember hearing a retired missionary say that if you visit any mission outpost you’ll eventually notice that the missionaries are having more trouble getting along with one another than they are with the so called “unbelievers” they are trying to convert.

This week we will wrap up the sermon series on “The Art of Neighboring.” I’ll make the point that in order to effectively love our neighbors, we must have boundaries, focus, and the ability to forgive.