“The Greatest Egg Hunt Ever”

On April 16, Pastor Katy preaches on Matthew 28:1-10.

Have you ever watched the moment of “Go!” when a pack of children is unleashed upon a field of Easter eggs? It’s beautiful, chaotic, and single-minded excitement with the unified goal of collecting the most eggs possible. The Marys arrived at the tomb, eyes puffy and bodies fatigued from the sleepless, aching sobs of grief over the past few days. They came with a numb expectation that sought not eggs, but death. Their single-minded search was derailed when the earth shook beneath their feet and something like lightning appeared before them! They’d been looking for the crucified Jesus, but instead the Jesus of resurrection found them on their way back to Galilee. What are we expecting to find in a resurrected world? Are we expecting death and sorrow at the end of our hunt, or the excitement of a search for something entirely unknown; perhaps even contained within a colorful shell or revealed with a simple greeting on the road to somewhere else.