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Confirmation Classes
at Oak Hill

What is Confirmation?

For youth who were baptized as infants or young children, confirmation is a continuation of
God's work in their baptism. It offers an opportunity for them to confirm and profess their own
personal commitment to their faith (to assume for themselves the vows previously made for them
by their parents at their baptism). Confirmation is therefore considered an initiation into the
church as a full member for young people who have not already made such a profession. And
the classes are meant to offer support and information as they decide whether they're ready to
make this commitment.

For youth who have not already been baptized, confirmation classes provide an opportunity to
gather information about the Christian faith in order to be able to make an informed decision
about whether they would like to profess faith in Jesus Christ and become baptized. Just like it is
for those previously baptized, this an opportunity for these youth to also become full members of
the church. The primary difference is that, in this case, the profession of faith and baptism
happen at the same time.

When Will Confirmation Classes Happen?

For youth in 6th & 7th grades, confirmation classes will begin this October and will continue
through March. Our lessons will happen as part of Methodist Youth Fellowship (MYF) on
Sunday nights.

For youth who are 8th grade and above who have not yet been confirmed, we will have an
abbreviated round of confirmation classes that will last just 6 weeks beginning in February.
Once we know who is interested in participating, we will find a night during the week when
everyone can meet and will schedule our sessions.

What Expectations Do We Have of the Confirmands?


  1. Attend the classes. Make every effort to be present for as many of the classes as you can.

  2. Attend worship regularly. Worship is a big part of our faith, and it is important for you to continue your learning in worship, while also experiencing what it means to be a part of the community of faith.

  3. Participate in worship. The best way to make the most of your worship experience is to get involved in the worship service. We would love to have you help with greeting, ushering,leading the Call to Worship, reading scripture, or helping to serve communion.

  4. Make your own decision. The decision of whether or not to be confirmed and to make a profession of faith at the end of our confirmation journey is yours. It doesn’t belong to your parents, your pastors, your youth sponsors, or to anyone else. This is your faith commitment,so it is your decision. If you don’t feel like you’re ready to be confirmed on Confirmation Sunday, that’s okay. You can always change your mind later and we can confirm you at another time (and you don’t have to retake the classes unless you want to).


Click here to download the
2023-2024 confirmation Schedule

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